About Us

Special Operations Warrior Golf Foundation is a charitable organization qualified under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. SOWGF utilizes the healing and networking power of golf to assist Special Operations wounded, ill, and injured warriors recover, rehabilitating, and reintegrate into civilian life. This assistance is provided using a retreat format held at golf venues throughout the U.S. and Ireland, using the game of golf as its core activity. Each retreat has 6-10 participating warriors and lasts for 5-7 days. Participants are limited to Veterans of the U.S. Military Special Operations Forces who experienced wounds, illnesses, or injuries related to combat (or the military training directly associated therewith) while in the service of our country.

The USSOCOM Care Coalition assists in the selection and approval of participants utilizing the USSOCOM Warrior Care Program Standard as summarized above. SOWGF reserves the right to extend consideration to members of the Gold Star families of Special Operations Veterans.

Medical and Therapeutic Component

The Medical and Therapeutic Component of the retreat focuses on both the mental and physical health of the wounded warrior. First, the game of golf is a highly rated adaptive sport that can play a significant role in helping a wounded warrior deal with physical issues and handicaps resulting from his injuries. The PGA instructors while teaching the game will help the injured warrior make necessary adaptations. If adaption in the form of prosthetics or specialized equipment is required, then SOWGF will look to its Partners such as US Adaptive Care or PGA Cares for assistance. Second, golf is a social game by nature and promotes the development of personal connections between the wounded warrior and the PGA instructors/coaches as well as the other warriors on the retreat. This relationship-building aspect plays a significant role in helping a wounded warrior deal with emotional injuries such as PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Third, the game demands focus, routine, and repetition. These are all facets that assist warriors dealing with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) which is one of the most persuasive injuries occurring in the special operations community.

In addition to the benefits of the game of golf, SOWGF will have physical and behavioral health professionals on-site to provide evaluation and short-term therapy. The short-term therapy is designed to not only treat short-term issues but to introduce the warrior to therapies that can be continued after the retreat. In addition, an assessment for long-term therapeutic needs will be made and a post-retreat plan provided to each warrior under the Supervision of our Program Quality Committee. In providing these services, SOWGF will look to its Partners such as Operation Healing Forces, Homes Fit for Heroes, Brian Bill Foundation, and others.

Career Transition Component

The Career Transition Component of each retreat is promoted by the SOWGF Mentor Program that includes having each of our wounded warriors sponsored by benefactors/mentors from the business community who accompany them on the retreat, develop direct and personal relationships with them, and serve as warrior’s career transition mentor during the reintegration process from military service to civilian life. More specifically, the mentors will aid the wounded warriors in understanding how their military skills and leadership experience translate to the civilian business community and will serve as a post-retreat personal guide as they select and move to their new careers.

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